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The Editor’s Tool Kit – What every editor needs.

So you’ve just moved into a new space? Started up your own editing suite? Or maybe even thinking about changing around your edit bay? Here are a list of tools you’ll need to get the perfect job done every time.

cpuComputer. You’re computer is the only piece of equipment you absolutely need. The rest of the list you can do without but with no computer you’ll be stuck editing on your old Steinbeck, or worse, in-camera. Get a computer that will last and more importantly get one that is fast, remember, time is money. The longer you wait for a render the more money you lose. Also, whether you’re a mac person or a pc person theres a piece of software out their for you. I’ve used them all, they’re all the same. It really comes down to personal preference – more on that below.

Software. Okay, this is the other essential part of your kit. Adobe premiere seems to be the new kid in town. With seamless integration with after effects and photoshop, premiere is the way to go if you run an all-in-one shop. If you’re looking to work at some of the biggest studios you may want to consider running an avid – many consider this the industry standard. Final cut was almost dead, and now its back but I don’t think it’ll ever return to the top of the podium.

light leak effectsPlugins. Products such as Red Giants Magic Bullet suite will be pivotal in helping you define the look for your projects. It’s also extremely handy to have effects such as light leaks, lens flares and film burns as they are quick, easy and require almost no training to apply. Check out for some a free sample package.

Sound effects. Get a decent sound effects library. One that will offer you a wide range of effects from ambience to animal sounds, you never known when you’ll need to do a bit of sound design or clean up work.

genelec1Headphones/Speakers. It’s always a good idea to invest in a solid pair of headphones. Ones that are comfortable and will last for a while. Alternatively, having a good set of speakers will help your judge the sound quality of your projects – is it meeting the professional standards?


Update** Check out this video on final cut x

Stay tuned for a more detail “wish list” post. Where I’ll put some of the best tools on the market. Dare to dream.

Video Editing Software – What’s Right For You

I should mention that a high quality video editing software is not cheap. In fact you’ll be looking to spend a few hundred dollars. So before jumping in and buying a piece of software, it’s important to figure out what your needs are – are you looking for a simple program to edit your family videos or do you require more options that will allow your to manage plenty of footage and multiple projects.


If you’re a power-user or someone looking to work professionally as an editor programs such as avid, adobe premiere and final cut are your new best friends. These programs come in “studios” meaning they offer a number of different programs to complete different tasks. Some programs will work perfectly for colour-corrections, while another is great for doing motion graphics and special effects. What makes these programs great is that they all talk to each and can let you transfer project files between them. However, communicating between the different brands is sometimes more difficult.

Video Editing Programs

Adobe Premiere is a fantastic option as they offer a monthly subscription service. The means you don’t have to shell out $1000 right off the bat. Working in after effects and then in premiere is extremely fast and speeds up your whole editing process.

Avid is considered the industry standard as it was one of the first digital editing programs on the market. Many studios use avid as their native editing solution. If you’re looking to work as a pro, avid is the way to go.

Final Cut Pro has changed in recent years. Many professionals have moved to a new software as many features were stripped out of the new versions. With that being said, recently updates have brought back a lot of features and many industry professional are beginning to talk about final cut.

However, if you’re looking for some simple, than you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of free programs on the market. Unfortunately, they all come with a few limitations and programs such as imovie allow to you create a video and easily share it on a number of platforms. For PC users AVS video editor offer plenty of features and lots of export/sharing settings when you’re ready to finish.