Working Freelance or for a Production Company?

Working as a film industry professional certainly has its ups and down. One of the early decisions an editor must make is whether to work as a freelancer or to work for a production company. When I first started in the industry I worked at several production companies, mostly helping out as an assistant, learning the ropes and being mentored. However, as I progressed in my career, I decided to branch out and work as a freelance video editor. After a few years of being “out on my own”, I decided work for a production company again, a video production San Francisco agency had approached me and it was a unique opportunity that I couldn’t turn it down. It’s been an extremely interesting journey and I’ve outlined some of the pros and cons of freelance versus production company work.

Working As A Freelance Editor

video production san francisco edit roomWorking as a freelance certainly has its fair share of pros. For one, I was completely in control of my schedule and the amount of work I would take on. I also had the luxury of being my own boss and working either at home, here in San Fran, or in other states. I was also completely free to take as much time off as possible, if I wanted to leave and have a 2 month vacation, I could. This also means that some times I didn’t have a much of a choice. If work was slow or I could’t find clients to work with, I wouldn’t have an cash coming into my bank.

Working As A Editor In a Company

Working for a production company gives you job security and a solid pay cheque week in and week out – something that was hard to come by when working for myself. Working for a company is great because you only need to focus on your creative work, dealing with business, client manage and final deliveries is someone else’s responsibilities. This lets your really hone your craft and become a true expert. You also get to work with like-minded individuals day in and day out. This can also be one of the downsides to working in a company, you are locked down to one particular place. You also don’t have the flexibility to take a break whenever you want.

These two types of working environment certainly have their upsides and downsides. One is not better than the other, they just both cater to different lifestyles and experiences.

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