Using light leaks in your next project

Adding digital effects in post production is a great way to give your films personality and a unique look that will stand out from the competition.¬†Whether you’re producing wedding films, home videos or even travel films, adding light leaks and lens flares are a great way to “up” the production value of your films.

So, how do you get these effects? There are a number of ways you can achieve these effects in camera either while shooting on location or in post production. While on location, adding objects in-front of your lens will create interesting artifacts on the right angle and in the right light. Because these objects are out of focus the reflection and refraction of the light caused by these images will create interesting results. Another way to create unique effects for your films is to detach your film lens from the body of the camera, allowing light to leak into the chamber. This excess of light will fill the sensor, over-exposing parts of your images.

light leaksFurthermore, all of these effects can also be filmed in a controlled environment such as a studio, garage or in a dark room of your house. By using lamps and flashlights you can shine lights into your camera. The trick is to film against a black surface so only the colour effect stands out. Once you have a range of effects you can now add them your project in post-production.

light leaksMost video editing programs have simple modes that can overlay your effect directly on your footage. The most common term for this is called “blending modes”. By setting the blending mode, also known as composite mode, to one of the settings you will instantly see the results on your footage. The next time is to get creative! Slow down the footage, play with the colour, change the scale and even the intensity. The results may surprise you!

Finally, you can also purchase pre-made light leaks effects at Www.LightLeaks.Me. These High Definition effects work will all types of footage in a variety of programs. So if you don’t have the time to create the effects yourself, get them from someone else!¬†For more information on light leaks try this wiki link.



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